About Us

This website is dedicated to those AJA before us, who sacrificed in the face of prejudice, discrimination and adversity which we will never know or can even imagine, so that we can have the opportunities we take for granted now. Giri (duty and obligation) to honor the values of our heritage and perpetuate our culture by continuing the legacy and tradition of AJA baseball, handed down from our fathers, from their fathers and their fathers before them.

Thanks to those initial pioneers who started and organized the many leagues and teams. Special thanks to those many who followed in their footsteps and recognized their Giri and keep AJA baseball alive and playing while many other leagues have since started and closed down. Please browse throughout this site to view the current season’s status and statistics. Follow the season on this site where standings and game results are constantly updated. Records and statistics from past years are also available from this website. We continue to work on improving this website.